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What is the best Season to get married?

When planning a wedding it can sometimes be challenging to pick just the right date, so much must be taken into consideration it can feel overwhelming for a bride. Choosing the season first will narrow down the date selection and can often help with determining the style and feel of the wedding.


As we go through the seasons in turn, keep in mind that this is written for the mountain region in Colorado. Being at elevation creates a unique environment and weather that can be as unpredictable as it is beautiful. The most classic wedding season, Spring with it's glorious sunny warm days yet a snow storm could become a possibility. That said, it should not be a deterrent for planning a wedding in mountains in the springtime. There are plenty of gorgeous mountain wedding venues that can accommodate variable weather patterns and most are reasonably priced. Spring mountain weddings can also offer the best of everything. There will be Spring skiing, beautiful hikes and a fresh newness in the air. The energy of this time of the year is renewal where growth that had once been buried in snow is now emerging out beneath the soil. Spring mountain weddings will hold a piercing bright almost-photoshopped-blue and the contrast between the sky and the white snow capped mountaintops is striking.


The brief, yet beautiful season that has everyone outside soaking up and enjoying each day. Days are warm and bathed in sunshine yet a nice coolness in the mountain air. The leaves are bright green and the energy is powerful. The summer light is a joy for wedding photographers to work with, and for out-of-town guests, the activity options during a wedding

weekend are plentiful. When we return to a post-pandemic world, we can expect things like concerts, festivals and art fairs to return to the summer schedule. For the sports enthusiasts there is world class mountain biking, sailing on Lake Dillon, and almost every other summer sport you can think of. The restaurants offer outside dining, with large colorful flower baskets hanging at every corner. The bride can choose either an outdoor or indoor venue, nature offers up some spectacular backdrops for vows.


Fall, oh fall, the time of year when the leaves turn every shade of gold and the crisp mountain air hints at the coming of winter. For brides this stunning color palette of rich gold and copper is a beautiful silhouette that showcases wedding dresses to their most glorious. The fall theme is beautiful and rich when incorporated into the wedding décor. You will want to incorporate the burnt oranges, rust and browns into the mix. The mountains become on fire as the green turns to different colors with lots of beauty. The aspens turn to a beautiful golden hue and it is the most popular time to get married in the mountains.


Only one season left to ponder, a winter wonderland with snow that covers our mountains and makes Breckenridge a top ski destination. Weddings in the winter are magical, candlelight reflected in ice and snow give a soft glow to a ceremony, and who doesn’t like a hot chocolate bar? Darker deeper colors accent a winter wedding to a tee. Winter details that make a wedding special are soft fluffy throws for the guests, signature hot drinks, and pictures of the bride and groom with snowflakes in the air. A rehearsal dinner next to a crackling fireplace, with candles galore is only one of the gifts a winter wedding has to offer.

Every season has something quite special to offer, all are beautiful, and there is no wrong choice. For the bride, taking into consideration the activities that her guests will enjoy the most may help her decide. Once a season is chosen, the next steps will fall into place more easily. The ceremony, the décor and the festivities can all take their cue from what nature has on display during that season. Be it snowflakes or wildflowers, a mountain wedding is a celebration in a spectacular setting with Mother Nature as the guest of honor!


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