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Top Notch Reception Dining

The tablescape is an important aspect of wedding décor that should not get overlooked. The look feel and smell of the dining experience, should tie together the ceremony and reception. Figuring out the right design elements will communicate your whole vision for the big day. The dining experience at the wedding reception is what your guests will be greeted with when they are sitting at the table. Involving all the senses, will awaken the room and bring a magical effect to the whole room. Think about when you smell flowers or eucalyptus it gives you that sense of peace and wellbeing. With the start of a new life together, why not start the union out right when bringing together your family and closest friends. Table linens, place settings, and centerpieces don't seem quite so trivial now, do they?

As a reminder, you do not need to go overboard to create an impact. At CO wedding rentals, we suggest a table in which guests can comfortably converse with each other without a big flower arrangement in their way. The idea is to have a simple, yet impactful blend into the bigger décor picture. What's a simple trick to achieve just that? Skip the boring napkin folds and instead, dress up your wedding reception table with creative, artful napkin stylings your guests have never seen before.

When choosing the best tableware design for your next event, you might want to consider the style you are going for your wedding. Chargers are what you place underneath the plate and it defines where the guest will be seated. Either doing a plated or buffet style event, having a charger is essential for a beautiful classy table setting.

Who said all silverware had to be silver? Why not mix things up with a table setting that has lots of gold flair. Heavy strong gold ware will be noticed and talked about with wedding guests. Gold has the symbol of value and reminiscent of luxury, success, achievement, triumph, royalty, and fortune. The color and meaning of the precious metal is multifaceted, often denoting generosity and compassion, as well as being synonymous with divinity and power.

Wine glasses, water glasses, beer glasses and Champagne flutes. Glassware comes in many shapes and sizes. You might want to keep it clear and simple or decide to match colored glassware with a colored plate. Sometimes simple might be better,.

Cloth or silk napkins should always be a part of the tableware setting. There are so many ways to add an element of decor with the napkin fold. Depending on if you are adding in extra plates or if you are going to have a welcome take home gift for your wedding guests. the napkin should be places where guests can easily place it on their laps upon airing at the table. A few napkin folds that you might want to consider. First, the waterfall in which the napkin is draped over the charger to create a waterfall effect. Second, a napkin holder where the napkin is sitting on the charger but in a holder to keep it together. Another option is the pocket fold and super useful if you have a menu or a thank you paper.

Depending on your theme and the elements you want to add to your table, if you have assign seating, you will need to have the nametags at the place setting so that guests can easily find their seats. A few options we provide in our rental items are small wooden stumps with a silt for the name. Another option are small gold stands or even

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