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Top 5 Wedding Ceremony Decor Checklist

Updated: Mar 10, 2023

When you are getting ready to make your wedding ceremony and reception an affair to remember, a good place to start is with an overall plan. If you decide you wish to hire a wedding planner or wedding producer to help craft these ideas in your head or have the ability to put your Pinterest page into a workable event, CO Wedding Rentals can help you throughout the process with a fun wedding ceremony decor checklist that will keep you on track to have the most amazing and incredible event that guests will talk about years to come.

We have a gallery to follow that will give you ideas to crafting some of the easy and affordable wedding decor rental items that will make your day extra special.

The best way to make an impression is through a distinctive aisle for the bride and wedding party to walk down. The aisle should be decorated by either flowers on each of the aisle chairs, bows on just the aisle or on all the chairs or even can be placed on the ground like garland to line the aisle and have a distinctive area to walk. You may have fresh flowers on stands at the start of the aisle. In order to give that wow factor, at CO Wedding Rentals, we suggest starting with an overall color scheme and wedding style in order to keep consistent throughout both the ceremony and reception.

Let me give you the good, bad and ugly about cheap wedding aisle runners. First off, if you plan on getting married outside with the elements of weather including rain, wind and dirt, then a white wedding runner made of flimsy material will blow away unless securely facetted down with stakes or rocks. I suggest heavier items that will still look great including multiple rugs, burlap.

It is super important to have something that defines where the bride and groom will be standing. Outdoor weddings at Sapphire Point in Colorado might do well with a simple rug for the couple to stand on not to take away from the overall beauty of the area. Having a rug or a runner keeps the wedding dress clean and free of debris from the natural elements. A rug also cushions the feet especially if you plan on high heels for your wedding day. Sapphire Point is a beautiful venue for the scenery, but it is also outside so the ground can get wet with rain and get muddy. Be prepared, get a rug to stand on for your ceremony.

If you are planning a winter wedding, you might want to rent warm blankets for your guests to use during the ceremony. Many people have used this for “take home gifts” for their guests, but remember if you are planning a destination wedding in Breckenridge or Beaver Creek, your guests are will not want to pack a big bulky blanket into their already packed suitcase to take back to their home. Why not rent blankets for your ceremony to be used for the purpose of style and still give that winter wonderland hygge cozy theme without the burden your guests with feeling guilty for giving your blanket away to the maid.

Weather in Colorado can be unpredictable and it is better to be proactive than reactive to the elements. Why not have umbrellas available just in case for your guests. Even if it is a super sunny day, guests might want to use the umbrellas to keep the sun off while waiting for the ceremony to begin. Umbrellas for the wedding ceremony can stay in a nice case unless needed, but it will make your guests much happier to be dry than soaking wet from a quick mountain storm. Better to be prepared than sorry.

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